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Jan Derksen (1953) studied journalism, psychology (Ph.D 1983), sociology, philosophy and psychopharmacology. He is employed by the Radboud University of Nijmegen, the Free University of Brussels and is active as a primary care psychologist and psychotherapist in the clinical practice Derksen & Klein Herenbrink (Bemmel, Lent, Oosterhout).

In the late seventies and eighties he was one of the pioneers in starting primary care psychology in the Netherlands, in the eighties in his research projects, he introduced assessment methods to diagnose borderline personality disorder and wrote the first Dutch handbook on personality disorders (1993, also published in the USA).

He was in charge of the Dutch research in de MMPI-2, MMPI-A and emotional intelligence test (BarOn Eq-i).

He is trained as a classical psychoanalyst, cognitive behavior therapist and top CEO coach. He specialized in short psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Recent books are on narcissism, uncovering psychotherapy, psychological assessment and the relationship between neuroscience and psychology.


E-mail: jjlderksen@planet.nl

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